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The mission of the Firm

Webb of Life Coaching Firm is committed to supporting our coachees as they seek to achieve their desired goal.  The path to success is supported by five pillars:

  • Establishing a healthy, professionally confidential, and trusting relationship

  • Helping the coachee to identify the perceived obstacles or roadblocks to success

  • Questioning the validity of any maladaptive thoughts that impact the ability of the coachee to reach their desired goal

  • Working with the coachee to embed restoration within their journey toward success

  • Affirming the coachee while on the path to success

Coach. Speaker. Motivator.


Jesse Webb

Founder of Webb of Life Coaching Firm, LLC

Jesse Webb, the visionary, started his journey to coaching over 17 years ago.  His unique coaching style  consists of open-ended questioning, empowering reflection, and challenging goal-setting.  Mr. Webb creates a safe space to share and take risks through professional confidentiality and positive regard. His training, career experience, and compassion has helped him to create his professional hallmark in this field of coaching.


  • Georgia Southern University, Bachelors of Science Education (Middle School Education; Science and Math)

  • Georgia Southern University, Masters of Education (School Counselor K -12)


Emory University, Executive Coaching (Foundations and Advance Executive Coaching)

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