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Coaching Programs

There is no cookie-cutter approach to coaching; however, there are specific characteristics that you should look for in a coach and in coaching sessions.  Coaches at the Webb of Life Coaching Firm demonstrate empathy, positive regard, sensitivity, and a professional level of confidentiality.  In addition, our coaches model and encourage accountability, trust, and transparency.  The goal of coaching is to create a clear picture of a desired goal as we partner with our coachee(s).  Once the picture is painted, we will journey through an inquiry-based learning process to develop rational and realistic practices to achieve the desired goal.  Coaching is designed to empower and promote.  This requires the coachee to reflect.  Coaching is also designed to envision and create.  Many coachees desire to grow from good to great and from great to excellent.  While this may sound simple and clear cut, we are human beings that come with past experiences, disappointments, perceived limitations, and maladaptive behaviors. This is where the partnership with a coach shines.  It is the vision of the coach coupled with the belief to achieve for the coachee that drives the relationship through the hard spots and self-defeating thoughts.  It is the empowerment that takes place in the session as the coachee is viewed and honored as the expert through uniquely structured conversations and questioning.  Coaches instill value in their coachee(s).  In the same breath, they develop rapport through honesty and professional confrontation.  

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